Handy Grid 19.5" x 1.5" x 19.5" (Hot Tub Base Material)

Base and most affordable hot tub base.
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Creating a solid base for your hot tub or spa can be tricky, expensive, and requires skills most of us don’t have. We can save you time and money, immediately.

Introducing HandyGrid. A light and flexible system that can be installed easily in just a few simple steps. HandyGrid is the most durable geocell because it is made of recycled plastic bags (LDPE)! All you need to install HandyGrid are a few common household tools: a level, a shovel, and a rake.

HandyGrid’s ability to deflect tons of weight effortlessly means there’s very little digging to do. In fact, most HandyGrid hot tub/spa bases only require excavating 6 inches. When filled, a HandyGrid base is strong enough to support up to 6,000 tons, firmly.

** Handy grids are very versatile; they can be used for driveways, shed bases, and other various home and cottage DIYs.

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